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June 3rd 2007

kheris8:51pm: test

January 5th 2007

kheris7:47pm: What About the Poor?
Back from the holidays and of course I come up with a link to a commentary about the impact on the poor if higher taxes and fees are imposed on gasoline, automobiles, etc.

Warren Brown's most relevant comment to consider:

Yes, higher gasoline and related taxes will hurt them, certainly in the short term, and most definitely if Congress does nothing to increase the minimum wage.

But if there is no interventionist policy to weaken our overdependence on oil and if there are fuel shortages as a result, what do you think will happen to the poor then?

It's a "pay me now or pay me later" scenario that he proposes, which is likely to be the reality. What then do we do? Simply spouting about a preferential option for the poor is not going to cut it. Especially if we wind up in Heinberg's Last Man Standing scenario from PowerDown. I fear that much of America, despite our general willingness to help in a crisis, will be too overwhelmed to deal with fuel shortages. Are we willing to change our own lives and hold our leaders accountable for leading us forward rather than pandering to our baser instincts for votes? Do you really believe that the current Congress is serious about change, or simply "same game - different players"?

Stay tuned for 2008.
kheris7:37pm: Playing Around
Busy playing with the community site and making some minor tweaks.
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